OGE 2018, 2019 e 2020 ANGOLA
Uma abordagem na perspectiva de género

Quadros de suporte à análise

Mulheres da Igreja e o 08 de Março

Concurso de Spoken Word - "É de Género"

Os dias sem Pai

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About us

Founded in 1997 by Dominican missionaries, the Angolan Institute Mosaiko was the first non-profit institution to explicitly take the promotion of human rights in Angola as its mission.

Guided by a strong social commitment, it aims for respect for human dignityand the development of Angolan society, with the contribution of one and all.


Mosaiko – Institute for Citizenship has the desire to work towards a better Angola at the heart of its operations.

An Angola that is built by one and all.

Support us
There are several ways to support Mosaiko. All are important and necessary. You can do this individually or through your business, occasionally donating or becoming a Mosaiko Friend. You can also register as a volunteer and participate in the various projects of the Institute.
Last News & Highlights


Construindo Cidadania 691 – Ilícito de mera ordenação social, transgressões administrativas e infracção de trânsito