Mosaiko offers seminar on Teaching Methodologies according to Paulo Freire

The seminar was led by Sister Cecília Prudêncio, coordinator of Mosaico Library

Teaching Methodologies according to Paulo Freire

18th August 2016

Cazenga, Luanda

On the 18th August 2016 Mosaiko | Citizenship Institute facilitated a training seminar on teaching methodologies according to Paulo Freire, which took place in Calawenda (Cazenga) at the School Santa Madalena 3086. The aim of this seminar was to strengthen and deepen the training of facilitators and all agents involved; to enable the confrontation of methodologies departing from popular education; to deepen Freire’s principles as opposed to daily practice; to strenghten education for peace and reconciliation taking into account the social and environmental protection; to promote interactive training between the various components of the learning process, namely pedagogical directors, teachers, families, literacy teachers, literacy learners, in order to sistematize experiencies that might facilitate and strengthen the participants’ personal and colective identity.

The training was led by Sister Cecília Prudêncio and took place under the organization of the Franciscan Cathechetical Sisters together with the Literacy and Schooling Improvement Project. It reached 21 women and 27 men in a total of 48 participants coming from Escola Nazaré, Mãe de Angola, Santa Madalena, Ritáuria and Horizonte do saber.

The themes approached were: the aims of liberating education, the steps of Paulo Freire method and the challenge of education for adults.

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