Debate on Citizenship

Mosaiko promotes a group of debates on current issues and their implications in the citizens’ lives

10th September 2016

Viana | Estalagem, Luanda

Mosaiko is promoting a group of monthly debates on current issues and their implications in the citizen’s lives which will be taking place at the Institute’s library. The aim of these debates is to contribute towards the promotion of an active citizenship, where citizens take hold of their civil responsibility towards the development of their country within the current context.

On the 10th September 2016, at 9.30 a.m. at Mosaiko’s jango in Estalagem neighbourhood, municipality of Viana, the first debate will take place on “Citizenship and Social Compromise” which will be presented by lawyer Barros Manuel.
The debate is open to the public and to whoever wishes to share ideas aiming to reach the common good, to friends of Mosaiko, to Mosaiko library’s readers and to young people from Viana. Entrance is free.

We are counting on your presence to help make Angola a better place.

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