Domestic Workers in Angola have new legal framework

Domestic work is framed by labour law

Domestic Workers legal framework

On the 9th August the Presidential Decree nr. 155/16 was published in the Official Journal which approved the new Legal Framework for Domestic Work and Social Protection for the Domestic Worker. The diploma will enter into force on the 7th December 2016 and will regulate the labour relations within domestic work.

In article 2 of the legal document it is stated that a domestic work contract establishes the agreement between a person who accepts payment to work for another person at regular times, under the supervision of the latter in order to fulfill the requirements of a family or equivalent.

These requirements may take the form of cooking, washing and treating clothes; tidying and cleaning the house; taking care of elderly, children and ill people; gardening; supporting family transport and coordinating and supervising the above named chores.

Among the employer’s rights and duties are the duty to pay the employee a salary at a regular basis fulfilling the obligations regarding the social protection duties, among others; in what regards the employee’s rights and duties are the right to daily, weekly and anual rest time, to be paid a fair salary in a regular and timely manner.

According to Presidential Decree nr. 155/16, the labour contract should be established in writing, by way of filling in the domestic worker booklet. If however the contract is not put into writing and in the said booklet, the contract shall not be deemed void. The domestic worker contract may be established for part-time or full-time work, whenever it includes lodging and meals, and should be registered at the National Institute for Social Security.
The domestic worker contract may be established for fixed or indefinite periods of time.
Domestic work in Angola is prohibited for citizens under 18.

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