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More than 50 Heads of State participated in the 25th African Union (AU) Summit in Johannesburg

25th Heads of State Summit of the African Union

Heads of State, Government and representatives of different African and International organizations recently attended the 25th Heads of State Summit of the African Union in the financial capital of South Africa, Johannesburg.

African leaders have reviewed matters such as the economic empowerment of women, the terrorist activities of Boko Haram in Nigeria and the Islamist group Al- Shabaab in Kenya.

But the issue that has taken highest priority at the AU 2015 summit in Johannesburg is the 2063 agenda. The 2063 Agenda looks at how the continent should draw on the lessons of the past in order to take advantage of opportunities available in the short, medium and long term to build a prosperous Africa over the next 48 years.

The African Union wants a permanent representation in the UN Security Council, stating that the Council should no longer discuss issues that cover the continent without which its involvement.

According to the official press release ( ), the Agenda is a comprehensive strategy to optimize the use of Africa’s resources for the benefit of all Africans.
The Vision and Priorities highlight a changing paradigm within the AU, a vision of achieving ” an integrated , prosperous and peaceful system , by boosting its own citizens to represent a dynamic force in global arena .”

Together we will build the future we want for Africa by 2063.

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