June- the month of all Children

Protection and Development of Children: A National Commitment!


On June 1st each year we mark the International Children’s Day. The day originated following World War II at the initiative of the Women’s International Democratic Federation.

It is one of the principles established in the Declaration on the Rights of the Child, proclaimed by General Assembly resolution of November 20, 1959. It is evidence that the Universal Declaration remains unfulfilled , over 50 years after it was created.

The child shall be protected from practices which may foster racial, religious or any other type of discrimination .The child must be educated in a spirit of understanding, tolerance , friendship among peoples , peace and universal brotherhood and in full awareness that he or she must devote their energies and skills at the service of mankind.

In Angola, significant steps are still being taken to strengthen the legal framework to protect the Child. The Constitution enshrines children’s rights as fundamental rights. Laws have been created, as well as policy measures such as the ” 11 commitments”, which defines a set of essential tasks that must be undertaken on behalf of the child.

The adoption of these laws establishes a new way of looking at children’s rights in the country, laying the foundation for the protection of children in their family environment , at school or anywhere else. The Laws demand that no child be subjected to negligent treatment, discriminatory , violent, abusive and cruel practices or to any form of exploitation or oppression , by their parents, relatives , friends, teachers or any person.

The festivities take place across the country until the 16th of June, the Day of the African Child: Protecting Children to Secure the Future : Creating Laws for their Protection.

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