International Day of Democracy

The United Nation declared in 2010, the September 15th as the International Day of Democracy.

International Day of Democracy

September 15

Democracy is a government way which every eligible citizens participate in the same conditions of equality, directly or through the elected representatives at the proposol, development and creation of laws, by exercising the power of governance through universal suffrage.

There is diferent ways of democracy in the world, but only two basic ways who make reference to the way how every eligible citizens exercise their desire. One of the ways is the direct democracy which all eligible citizens participate directly and actively in the government decisions. In most modern democracies, every eligible citizens remain with the sovereign power, but the politic power is exercised indirectly through elected representatives, what is called representative democracy.

One of the main functions of democracy is the protection of fundamental rights, as the freedom of expression, of religion, legal protection and opportunities for participation in political, economic and cultural life of society. The citizens have the rights and obligations to participate in the politic system that will ensure their rights and

According Kä Mana, known Lutheran theologian Congolese, in Africa “It is necessary to invent a community leadership and take people to a practice of a supportive government. It’s a dream that brings something even profound: educate people to a community leadership and to a new way of government, according to mutual responsibility principles. To get to this point are essential the flow of information, sharing ideas, organization of discussions and referendums. We have to put the foundations of this process in education and formation of a social consciousness. This purpose can be accomplished by the healthier part of civil society. It is necessary to engage today, and not tomorrow, a formation commitment to the emergence of “vanguard” who create a new way to conduct people and manage the public life.

It will be necessary invest huge energies in Africa, this is the only hope we have.”

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