MOSAIKO promotes Basic Legal Training

The second unit is dedicated to Family Law and aims to inform participants on Family Law

Basic Legal Training

Between the 25th and 29th August

Viana, Luanda

MOSAIKO | Institute for Citizenship will be carrying through a Training Session on the Promotion and Protection of Fundamental Rights in Angola between the 25th and 29th of August in Viana (Luanda) at the Irmãs Mercedárias da Caridade’s premises.
This Basic Legal Training consists of a number of units containing the fundamental notions of Law, and it is destined to members of the Human Rights Local Groups, to the Dioceses Commissions on Justice and Peace and other Associations coming from other places in Angola.
The training programme brings together leaders from various Human Rights groups coming from various provinces: Núcleo Dinamizador dos Direitos Humanos do Cubal (Cubal’s Human Rights Awareness Group); Associação Y.O.V.E (Y.O.V.E Association); Núcleo da Ganda – Benguela (Benguela, Ganda’s Sub Committee); Associação Verdade, Justiça e Paz do Uíge (Uíge’s Truth, Peace and Justice Association); Comissão Mista dos Direitos Humanos, Ndalatando, Samba Cajú, Ambaca e Kikulungo – Kwanza Norte (Mixted Human Rights Commission of Ndalatando, Samba Cajú, Ambaca and Kikulungo – North Kwanza); Comissão de Justiça e Paz da Gabela – Kwanza Sul (Gabela’s Peace and Justice Commission – South Kwanza); Comissão de Justiça e Paz do Dundo – Lunda Norte (Dundo’s Peace and Justice Commission – North Lunda); Núcleo dos Direitos Humanos da Matala, Jamba e Kapelongo – Huíla (Matala, Jamba and Kapelongo’s Human Rights Nucleus) with whom Mosaiko works.

The first unit took place in January of this year and approached relevant issues regarding Angolan Criminal Law. The second unit to take place this year will be approaching Family Law. This second unit on Family Law aims to empower participants with basic knowledge on family matters that most concern communities from the Human Rights Local Groups, as well as sharing experiences on dealing with family conflict mediation.
The opening session on the first day of training was led by fr. Júlio Candeeiro, Mosaiko’s General Director. Following was frei Mário Rui, a member of Mosaiko’s Board, whose lecture approached the first theme regarding the Family in the Present Context.
The meeting’s agenda further includes matters concerning Marriage, counting with the input from Hermenegildo Teotónio, Adviser in Human Rights to Local Groups; Divorce and Non-marital partnerships, with the input from Ismael Tchicambi, officer from the Court of Auditors, Social Worker and a Law student at the course’s final year; Violence in the Family which will be counting with the input from Delma Monteiro, a member of Associação para o Desenvolvimento Rural – ADRA (Association for Rural Development). During the last day of training, participants will be visiting Luanda’s Regional Court and its Family Room.
Training is under the responsibility of Mosaiko and will be led by advisers António Ebo, Francisca Maria Imaculada and Hermenegildo Teotónio and will also count with the logistical support from Osvaldo António.

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