Mosaiko presents new image on the celebration of human rights in Africa

logo Mosaiko

logo MosaikoJune 27, 2011 marks the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Human and Peoples Rights’ Charter by the General Assembly of the OAU – Organization of African Unity. Mosaiko has chosen this occasion to launch its new visual identity: from Mosaiko Cultural Centre to Mosaiko | Institute for Citizenship.

With the new visual identity, developed by the company Shift Thinkers, we intend to more directly convey Mosaiko’s line of action and to bring greater coherence to our communications.

The new image faithfully translates Mosaiko Institute’s desire to contribute towards a better Angola, evoking citizenship as a dynamic process of combining perspectives, cultures, experiences, and initiatives, in a unity that does not destroy diversity, but creates a harmony centred on the common good.

the new website ( and introductory brochure, where information on Mosaiko Institute and its various types of collaborative initiatives can be found.
We made these changes in order to be closer to the people, and to continue to work together every day to build a better Angola.

The greatness of a country is measured by the greatness of its people.

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