Our work

Mosaiko - Institute for Citizenship has the desire to work towards a better Angola at the heart of its operations. An Angola that is built by one and all.



The Institute's mission is not limited to helping any one specific community but, encompasses all of Angolan society.

The Mosaiko Institute, active country-wide at local, municipal, provincial, and national levels, is focussed on contributing to a better Angola, guiding society towards developing a culture of human rights.

Domino effect
Each individual, group, or entity that works with Mosaiko is encouraged to spread and share their knowledge and activities for the promotion of human rights within their community (the multiplier effect).

Professional Team
Mosaiko works with a variety of well-qualified partners and collaborators, constantly striving for excellence in its activities.

The results and impact of Mosaiko's work are periodically evaluated by independent consultants. The Institute's financial accounts are audited annually by external auditors.