Our work

Mosaiko - Institute for Citizenship has the desire to work towards a better Angola at the heart of its operations. An Angola that is built by one and all.


Founded upon strong evidence-based analysis of the Angolan context, Mosaiko - Institute for Citizenship provides a range of services that contribute toward;

  1. Peace-building and reconciliation among Angolans;
  2. Creation of a supportive environment for initiatives aimed at promoting a just and prosperous Angolan society

Mosaiko's promotion of development is focussed on the long-term, paying particular attention to the most vulnerable and marginalised (women, orphans, the illiterate, the unemployed, low-wage informal workers, etc.). The Institute seeks to investigate the "root causes" of problematic situations and to create inclusive and participatory spaces for reflection and debate, where solutions can be achieved by Angolan society itself.

Our aim is for this research and reflection to be disseminated as widely as possible, contributing to the development of strong ( social) public opinion and a civil society with a spirit of social activism.

Mosaiko does not work "for", but "with" Angolan society. It does not replace other civil society initiatives, but rather, fosters a supportive environment for diverse actors and initiatives, assisting and supporting their development.